From our humble beginnings in 1948 as one of New York’s original imported gourmet food shops, we have grown to become a global importer, producer of spices, herbs, aromatics, and essential oils.

Thanks to Kalustyan Corporation’s worldwide joint ventures, we have access to the world’s most important growing regions of the plant kingdom. This extensive supply network enables us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information to help them develop their purchasing strategies.

We are proud of our heritage and ever-expanding role in the U.S. and global markets as a reliable supplier.


We are committed to providing all the benefits of direct sourcing with assurances of a known domestic brand, by creating a global network of partnerships of forward thinking industry leaders.


Our vision is in sync with our aim of continuous growth and expansion in our business and field of expertise to satisfy market needs and requirements.

Our top priority is to solidify our place in an everchanging market dynamic.

We are dedicated to bringing our clients the quality and service they deserve and demand.



Quality Assurance

Our mission is to exceed the most stringent international quality standards at every level. We have established a Quality Center of Excellence in the USA that offers seamless integration among various lab, plant and production facilities worldwide. Our quality assurance system and our quality control of incoming material are highly monitored within process quality checks to ensure that we achieve consistent, quality products. Our dedicated quality control lab is equipped with state of the art equipment.

Core Strength

The Kalustyan brand has been built on a history of meeting the ever-changing needs of the flavor and fragrance industry. To continue to meet our clients’ expectations, we continuously invest in supply chain innovation that brings quality and sustainability together. We pride ourselves that within our global network. We have organic, sustainable and GFSI certifications under one roof. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we have built a global network of local expertise to ensure that we are able to respond quickly to changing expectations.

Supply Chain

All product from our facilities are tested and meet global standards prior to shipping. Our safety and quality standards are consistent across all locations. Our supply chain is fully visible, from beginning to end.


We develop effective solutions through products and processes that successfully contribute to resolving present and future environmental and social challenges.

We are dedicated to green, sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.

We use all available resources in an efficient and environmentally sound manner – paying particular attention to the cultivation, production and distribution of our products.


Certifications & Affiliations

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